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To prepare for appointments

•Bring a valid form of identification (drivers license, passport or government issued ID)
•Wait to sign the document in the presence of the notary public
•double check that all required fields are filled out
•Accompany witness if required
•Verify that the name on the document matches your identification
•understand the specific type of notarization that you need

Business Hours

Everyday 7am-10pm

Services and fees

Price according to Virginia law -$5 per signature notarized, VIN, I9 form, etc

Signatures + travel fee (Travel fees go according to mileage to appointment)

Travel Fee:
  $35-$50 Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Franklin, Isle of Wight County
  $45-$60 Va beach, Hampton, Newport News, Smithfield

Power of Attorney: $150
Wills: $150
Medical reward forms: $150
Loan Signings:
    $100 Seller closing documents
    $125- $150 refinance loan docs
    $150-$200 purchase loan docs
(Printing, scanning, and shipping services included)

Fingerprinting prices:
$75 for the first card and $25 for each additional card(this includes all expenses)